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Thread: Burning A cd

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    Burning A cd

    Im having trouble figuring out how to burn a CD, using just the default software on an Ibook G4, can someone run thru the steps on how to dow it


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    It kind of depends which version of OS X you're using, but assuming it's 10.4. it goes like this:

    To burn a data CD:
    -Select the File menu in the finder and create a new Burn folder.
    -Drag the files you want to burn in there and when you're done, insert a blank cd and hit burn.

    To burn an audio CD:
    -Create a new playlist in iTunes, add the songs you want to burn to it and then select the circular burn button at the top right corner.

    To burn a photo CD:
    -Select the pictures you want to burn in iPhoto, select 'Share' from the menu bar and then 'burn to cd/dvd'.

    For more complex burning, you'll need a 3rd party program. Many members here like Toxio's Toast 7.

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