I truly need help!
I've had a 2010 MCB unti today with very or no issues. I have a few now, all happened today (warranty expired last month):

1. Water on my trackpad:

Today I wiped my keyboard and trackpad with a moistured cloth/paper.
After restarting the computer, my trackpad (cursor) suddenly started acting up. I've seen this issue before on Lenovo when a friend spilled over his keyboard.

I figured that somehow one or two drops must somehow gotten into the trackpad. I took out the battery, wiped everything around. There were no visible residue of water or a problem.
Anyhow I used hair fan to dry the area and then put it for 3 hours (open without the battery) under hot flowing air from an aircon.

Screwed everything together after a few hours. First two minutes, everything was fine, then the trackpad started acting up again - sometimes it's fine, othertimes it doesn't work.

What else can be done? The amount of water was truly miniscule. Where I should look to clean it? What else to do?
I am now using external mouse while with trackpad turned off.

2. Failed ATH hard ware test from CD

I tired to run the ATH test, stopped at 4.33min, got stuck. I could click on "stop test" button and move the cursor, but no response. Had to abort with shut down. Didn't attempt again.
btw. the trackpad acted up also in this "mode"..ie. excluding the possibility that it's a software issue.

[B]3. mDNSResponder, nmblookup and other issues
After I put the computer back together, suddenly I am experiencing all these issues:

a) Regularly in a few minutes intervals a "nmblookup" message appears. Even if I allow it, it reappers.
The same is true for " mDNSResponder, at the start-up.

b)my proxy server settings don't seem to work properly anymore (dropbox, despite the proxy being set right reports that it can't establish connection)

c) My firefox (the same as Safari) is now asking me to certify almost any website I try to go to - reports as untrusted sites

d)My computer is now re-indexing everything in spotlight (is this in anyway connected to the removed battery?)

e) I don' seem to be able to update time and date automatically - doesn't find the zone.
My internet connection (through university proxy) is fine though..I am typing the message here right on the computer.

How the hell did all this happen and how do I fix it? I really need your help.