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Thread: Cover for ibook

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    Cover for ibook
    Hi there, I would like to ask if can somebody recomande me some "skin" for ibook. Not so much expencive..What you say about Dicota Perfect skin 13"?Is it to "big" for 12" laptop?

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    I like Tucano's second skin: They're tailored to the iBooks exact dimensions..
    I know crumpler also make a sleeve specially design for apple notebooks...

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    you could always check out..

    i'm not sure if that's what you are looking for..
    i've gotten "skins" there for my ipod, my ps2, cell phone and my mac mini.. very great service.
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    When I first got my ibook I got a Tucano sleeve. I can't remember what I paid for it but I love it. My 12" fits perfectly. Then it goes into my backpack. The Tucano sleeve is nice and padded and lined inside to protect the ibook

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    Quality is semi expensive, but in this case worth the money

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    I bought a Tuscano Second skin for my 12inch iBook at Frys Electronics for around 23 dollars. I love it. I just put it in my messenger bag and Im off to school.

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