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    Hello to you all,

    Need help figuring out an issue with my wife LCD image, please can someone help?
    I'm a senior support tech on windows environments and hardware.
    My partner has a 15 MacBook Pro she purchased end 2009 in The Netherlands, and she worked a lot with the machine. At some stage, while the ltp was on the floor, our female dog damaged the lid of the lcd and now lcd goes all the way back and you can literally lay it open on the floor.
    This is an Intel architecture machine, so I'm pretty familiar with it, however, I do not have parts to cross check and test to see what is faling. If is the lcd flat cable, if the invertor or the lcd.
    I suspect it could be the flat lcd cable but I'm not sure. When the system starts, the image on the screen is hard to see, if we bend a bit the screen, then we see the desktop without any problem, obviously, is not ment to be bend, and cause I see the desktop, I believe it could be just the flat lcd cable that connects to the system board, which could be somehow twisted or demaged, and when the screen is bend, probably makes the right contact, but like I said, I'm not sure.
    Perhaps you guys copuld giv me your own opinion which I woul dapreciate very much.
    Cause the screen gives image when bend, I do not think that there is an issue with neither the lcd or the inverter, what do you think thta might be the problem.
    Would like to avoid buying the parts unless is really necessary.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.



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    If you can get a clear image by moving the screen angle, then its a safe bet the cable is damaged

    Checkout ifixit to find the part number for the cable for your model of MacBook
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