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    I am helping my friend. He has or had an iBook G4 that stopped working. The HD is corrupt I think. I have pulled the drive I can slave it but it will not mount. It has .UFS partition. I can see the drive in Disk Utility but I am not able to mount it to get some data off of it. Anyone able to help with getting it mounted so I can retrieve some files?

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    If the drive won't mount, you may have to resort to using Data Recovery software instead. That may or may not work depending on the condition of the drive itself. If there are mechanical problems with the drive, only a data recovery service will work. And that is a very expensive solution.

    Also, most Data Recovery software is expensive although you can test with their trial versions. It might be a good idea to ask your friend how valuable his data is and how much he would be willing to spend to recover it.

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