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    Hey I'm trying to restore my Powerbook to it's original settings. Unfortunately I don't have my Tiger CD, or the original CD' I wanted to know what I can do to fix this

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    You need to get a new Tiger install disc or a new set of restore discs from apple
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    Yup, sorry--the only way to do it is to have the CD's. I suppose technically you could restore it with an external hard drive that had a bootable copy of your drive with all the original settings, but I'm guessing that you don't have that (don't feel bad--neither do I!)

    This is very important: You need the EXACT restore CD's for YOUR system. So for example, if you have a 1.33 Ghz Powerbook, don't borrow your buddy's 1.67 Ghz Powerbook Restore CD because it won't work. That's one reason to buy the CD's right from Apple (at least you'll know that you're getting the right set!)

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