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red dave 07-21-2013 02:43 PM

trackpad freezes on macbook pro
I am experiencing problems with the trackpad freezing on my macbook pro,not being that compliant with computer software i do not know where to start,i have googled this problem and it seems to be pretty common,things like launch daemons are new to me,is there anyone out there who can help please,my os system is 10.8.4 on Mountain Lion:Cool:

chas_m 07-22-2013 12:59 AM

Step one: plug in a mouse. Does that work normally?

red dave 07-22-2013 04:01 AM

trackpad freezes
i have used my magic trackpad which works most of the time but still does the same on occasions,have not tried a wired mouse though.Should still be able to use the trackpad though.

chas_m 07-22-2013 04:18 AM

I'm not suggesting that as a cure or solution, just the first step in troubleshooting. I've only had my Magic Trackpad for a couple of months but it has never given me any trouble. Seeing if a wired mouse responds normally will let us know if the problem is with the trackpad or the OS generally.

red dave 07-22-2013 04:40 AM

Hi Chas currently using the trackpad on macbook pro,did plug in wired mouse and it functioned ok,can i use my own magic trackpad instead of the pad on the mac,i assume that it will work as normal via bluetooth,should be able to use the pad on the mac,thanks for your help.

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