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    Safely clean and oil a fan
    The right fan in my Macbook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 is noisy. Many tutorials I find on google tell me to clean and oil the fan, and to do so I should take off the plastic fan. However, I believe these tutorials are for older Macbook Pro models, because when I tried this with my Mid 2010 model I couldn't get the fan off easily, and I was afraid that if I would force it it would break off.

    So: can I safely take out the plastic fan in order to clean and oil it without breaking it?

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    I wouldn't oil it.

    Clean it or replace it.

    Go to and get instructions specific to your model.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Used to remove, clean and oil fans in Mac Pro days, but with a laptop do as mrplow suggests. May well be cheaper, and safer, in the long run. Use canned air to give things a good blow out whilst doing the fan job.
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    Replace it. I replaced my fan on a MBP 13 when it started to make noise back in February. Ordered it on Ebay for $7-$10 free shipping. Took off the bottom cover. Removed 3 screws -- I think... and the connector. All quiet since.

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    Agree replace it, you can grab a can of air and blow it off, but when it starts making noise the dust has already gotten to the bearings and should be replaced. Also, it is a whole lot cheaper to replace the fan then to replace the logicboard once a drop of oil moves it's way off the fan.

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