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    pb memory - i know this has been covered
    sorry for the repeat thread, but i'd like for this to be a survey for everyone who has added memory.
    does anyone know what kind of memory apple uses? i've checked mine out, but couldn't tell a manufacturer.
    if i add a stick, is it important that it's the same brand?
    what is the best performance/price stick of 512 i can get for a new PB? (ddr)

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    I just bought SwissBit 512MB PC2700 from as suggested by one group member. The transaction and communication with the customer service were great (the OEM one needed an additional 3 days waiting therefore I switched to non-OEM one instead. The module runs so far so good at PC2100 speed.
    According to their website, Samsung is the OEM brand for the add-on memory. They sell both OEM and non-OEM at competative prices.

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