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Thread: New ibook owner

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    New ibook owner
    Hey there. I just purchased an ibook G4 12", with 512mb and 40GB hard drive. I sold my mac mini to buy this and I must say, in the 1 day that I've been using it, I like it better already. I was going to get a macbook pro when it came out, but logic said buy this instead.

    This may seem like a stupid question, but I was wondering if it makes a big deal if you unplug the power adapter from the computer first or from the wall first when you want to unplug the unit?

    I just want to make sure I'm not gonna damage the ibook in any way. Thanx.

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    No you dont have to do that, it would be so inconvinent.

    I've had many laptops and the cord is always plugged behhind my desk. Unplugging it every time isnt an option.

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    it doesnt matter. whatever floats your boat.

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