Font compatibility in Office for Mac and Windows
I am using Office for Mac, and my problem/question is - when I set the font at size 10 or 12 for (say) Ariel or Verdana as my default font in Outlook, the characters look very small. To make the characters appear a reasonable size, I need to set the font size to 18. Now if I send a mail with this font size, the recipient will see unusually large characters.

On the other hand, when I use Outlook with my Windows laptop, the font size of 12 is much larger (as compared to size 12 in Mac), and easy to read as I type my mails.

One solution is that i write my mails in font 18 and then reduce them to 12 before sending them. But that is cumbersome at times, I tried changing the screen resolution, but then the fonts appeared blurred.