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    I very much like the old iBook. I just like the new ones better due to better performance. It was a nice machine in it's time. I would get one to mess with if i had some extra $$$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coach_z
    it wasnt that big of a hit really AND from my experiences, they were pretty crappy computers always fixing them and stuff at school. so i am sure they yanked them and redesigned them to what they are now.

    and what other laptop can you find out there that is all white like the ibook?
    My experience has been the opposite. 6 yrs w/o any 'return for repair' problems.

    And, IMHO it was a HUGE hit. They couldn't make them fast enough. It took 3 months for mine to arrive after I ordered it; and I ordered about 4 months after it was announced.

    But I'll admit it wasn't perfect. Even though I've heard several stories about how tough the iBook was - like falling down 3 flights of stairs and it still worked (heard it from the person it happened to), the case was subject to "cosmetic cracks", is the best way to say it. The plastic on the handle was subject to cracking too - even with good care.

    Consumers being fickle and the iBook case making it relatively large and heavy, a redesign was inevitable. And yeah, I think making the "icebook" look more mainstream was intentional.... But that hinge! ooohhhh, aaahhhh!

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