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    MacBook Beeping noise
    I had done a bit of research and I'm still a little confused.

    I went to use my macbook and the screen was purple with lines all over it, so I restarted it. When I restarted it, the screen was black and it was making beeping noises.

    It makes about 1 beeping noise every 5 seconds. I read that one beep means there is no ram installed.

    Is there any way to fix this without going to apple or am I just better off buying a new macbook? My macbook is 4 years old so I don't have applecare anymore.

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    It should be easy enough to open up your MacBook and pull the memory modules and then reinsert them. If the machine is four years old, it's unlikely the memory is bad but one or more modules could need reseating. You can find instructions to do that at the ifixit web site. iFixit: The free repair manual It's a very easy do it yourself procedure.

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