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    Macbook VERY loud

    I have a Macbook pro (Model A1226 - 2007).
    Basically it died a few months ago so i took it the apple store and they said it was the logicboard (and this problem is common with macs from 2007-8). The fix was to buy a new logic board, which i couldnt afford. (Mac turns on but black screen) So after looking online for other solutions i discovered the 'oven trick'. Basically you remove the logic board and place it in the oven for about 7 mins i also removed the thermal compound and reapplied some new compound. I then put it all back together and it turns back on!! Everything works fine and normally! Except when starting up it stays on the apple screen (with a spinning wheel) for about 1 minute. But the main problem is the fans! They are so loud all of a sudden. Very loud. I have some software which says my system is only at around 40c, but the fans are at 6000rpm, not sure if thats normal or not. Anywy whats wrong with my fans? I have tried resetting the SMC and NVRAM/PRAM, but doing that didnt help. What caused this?( and try to refrain from saying because you put it into the oven). What can i do to fix this? i took lots of care while taking it apart and putting it all back together etc. Thanks!

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    Since you're sufficiently out of warranty and nicely "cooked" any warranty you might have had.. You can try to control the fans yourself and keep them at a lower level to manage the noise..

    When you cooked the logicboard, you probably cooked the thermal sensors that the fans use to figure out the temps and determine how fast to run..
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    As Razoredge mentioned. The "oven trick" may have helped something...while damaging something else.

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    I promise I won't mention the oven. Ooops.

    Anyway, congrats to you on fixing the logic board issue, however temporarily. You're braver that I would have been in the same situation!

    As I am sure you are well aware by now, a 2007 computer is going to be an increasing headache due to significant advances in technology. You were clever and able to prolong its life a bit, but six years on the bottom line is that its time to start saving for a new(er) machine.

    Given that you are obviously quite canny I have little doubt that the suggestions above will help you stretch the machine a bit further but its a band-aid and not a fix. The fix is a newer machine.

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