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    Which MacBook Pro For College?

    I'm going to college in August and I want to buy a macbook pro. I had a mac in the past but my house got struck by lightening and it got fried So for the last couple years I've had a Windows. I will be studying computer science at college and I've heard that if I use parallels I won't have a problem doing my computer science work. My budget is under $1500 so I've been looking at the Macbook Pro 13". I'm not looking at the retina because I don't really think I need to have superb screen resolution.

    I will be using this computer for schoolwork (word, web browsing, movies, iTunes) and for programming. I like web development and movie editing so I'll be running Dreamweaver (I'll be using this a lot during the term) and Final Cut Pro (not during the term but when I'm on break). I'll be running Photoshop occasionally. The only games I play are Portal 1 and 2 on Steam.

    I was thinking of getting an external monitor also so I have more screen real estate to work on programming projects. I don't want to get the 15" because it's too heavy and big for me to carry around to class.

    I'm wondering if I should get the MBP 13" 2.5 GHz or 2.9 GHz? I'm also thinking of upgrading the RAM myself or should I just pay Apple to do it?

    Also, do any of you know if Apple is having any back to school sales this year? Like the "buy a mac get an ipod" or "buy a mac get a printer"? Should I wait for these deals or could I just go out and buy a macbook this week?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ComicStix View Post
    I'm wondering if I should get the MBP 13" 2.5 GHz or 2.9 GHz? I'm also thinking of upgrading the RAM myself or should I just pay Apple to do it?
    There's really not a whole lot of difference between these two...other than the faster 2.9ghz cpu (and the larger HD and more ram in the 2.9ghz model). You can always upgrade the ram & HD later if you need to.

    The 2.9ghz benchmark scores are about 15% faster than the 2.5 model.

    If you can afford the 2.9ghz model...get it. Otherwise get the 2.5ghz model.

    Quote Originally Posted by ComicStix View Post
    Also, do any of you know if Apple is having any back to school sales this year?
    They almost always do. You might want to wait a bit (until August) and see what Apple has planned.

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    If you're a programmer, and the only games you'll be playing are portal, with the occasional video editing here and there, I think the 2.5 GHz model would be just fine for your needs.

    Like pigoo3 said, if you can afford it, the 2.9 GHz option would be cool too. Remember, the cpu can't be upgraded easily, but you can always upgrade your HDD or RAAM later. The better the specs, the longer you'll have it until the next best thing comes out.

    Also you're in luck, Apple just announced this Student Promotion today! You will get a $100 gift card to the app store when you purchase your laptop.

    Apple Launches 2013 'Back to School' Promotion with Gift Cards Up to $100 - Mac Rumors

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