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    Flash on the new Air?
    Anybody got a new MBA and has put flash on it?

    The battery life in the new machine is extraordinary. It puts my older iPad to shame, not to mention any other laptop I have ever seen.

    But... So far I have resisted installing Flash. I hate it, but I'm afraid that my use of it will be unavoidable, given its use on a myriad of websites. Not only is there the problem of power, but I could always tell that I had a stuck flash when I suddenly realized that the skin of my legs was roasting - through pants no less.

    I am sort of benchmarking for now. For instance, I have been on-line in a Whataburger for exactly one hour and my battery is now at 95 percent. That gives a theoretical run time of 20 hours, but I admit that my usage is very mild - just type-type in a programming forums. No compiling or videos.

    At the other extreme, I am wondering that if I actually tried to watch the full Lord of the Rings in Flash, what would be the full battery life?

    Anybody use Flash heavy on the new MBA?

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    I don't own a MacBook Air but I'd install it and then get a flash blocker for my browser of choice. You get the best of both worlds in that case.
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