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Thread: new mac air

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    new mac air
    I just purchased a mac air 10 days ago, should i return it and get the new mac air?

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    I would, the new MacAir just announced has a direct and immediate impact on the "Future Value" of your 1 week old purchase.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jrcarmine56 View Post
    I just purchased a mac air 10 days ago, should i return it and get the new mac air?
    I definitely would. I just sold my 2011 AIR and am about to purchase the new one.

    However, I have no idea about Apple's return policies and whether or not they will even consider it.

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    Threads merged - Please don't crosspost the same question to multiple forums..

    Apple refunds and return policy states that you have 14 days to return your Apple product and that's what I would recommend you do immediately and grab the newer MBA which should be priced the same it'd be an even swap..

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