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Thread: Transition from PC to Macbook?

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    Transition from PC to Macbook?
    Hi all, just signed up for a bit of advice really.

    I have been a photographer for the past 8 years, and have recently got into wedding photography and im looking to upgrade my current i3 pc system for something a bit more portable, i have been looking at some windows laptops but i am very reluctant to switch over to windows 8, i have used it on a friend computer and despise it. i have noticed alot of people in the wedding photography industry are using mac's & macbooks for their editing and have been advised to get one myself, ive been to my local apple store and tried out osx on a macbook and i really like it, everything is at my fingertips and so fast.

    ive seen a macbook on ebay that seems to be cheap and was wondering if you guys could tell me if its any good for my purpose or if i would need something more powerful?

    Apple MacBook Air 11.6" Laptop (Latest Model) | eBay

    Regards, Dave.

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    Seems suspiciously cheap.

    And its only a 11" Screen, I would hate editing pictures on a screen that size.

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    Price is right, however, the SSD and memory may not be enough depending on how you intend to use the machine. The SSD can be upgraded (expensive) but the memory can not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave1324 View Post
    Hi all, just signed up for a bit of advice really.
    Not an uncommon reason! Welcome!

    - Nick
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    Hi Dave - welcome to the forum!

    As a photographer and if you plan to use the laptop @ home w/ a mouse and possibly other accessories, I believe you need to go beyond a basic Apple entry laptop. I purchased a r-MBP a few months ago w/ 8 GB RAM & a 256 GB SSD and could see doing personal image editing on the machine; but I come from an academic background (radiology professor) and put together PowerPoint lectures w/ many images - a LARGE monitor (using Windows then) was crucial for having 2-3 windows open (never tried dual monitors) at once.

    Now I'm assuming that your professional needs would require similar needs, so my suggestion would be a laptop w/ a 13" or 15" display (the latter likely better for you), 8 to 16 GB RAM, and a large HDD or SSD (unless you plan of 'off load' your images onto an external drive). Now if you want an Apple product, then that configuration will be expensive and I would think some type of warranty would be highly desirable, so not sure that buying off eBay may be your best choice, especially since you are depending on the machine for your livelihood?

    I'm not sure 'what' your budget may be, but if a 'new' MBP is out of your range, Apple offers refurbished ones at a modest discount and a warranty. Just my 2 cents - good luck! Dave

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