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    Looking for an external monitor for Macbook Retina
    So I am currently building my home office. One thing that I think is missing from the picture below is an external monitor. I am doing some research online to find one that would suit my needs. I am not to crazy about the Thunderbolt display due to its price and its limitation of working only with Macs(my office laptop is a PC). I want to get something that would a good fit with my laptops, both Mac and PC. I heard that the iMacs can double over as a display, but again I feel the price point is too high to justify another computer purchase. Please see below and advise what would be a good fit. I am thinking around 24" - 27" Thanks!

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    Just about any good quality monitor should be OK. Modern monitors have inputs for DVI, VGA and HDMI which should work well with both your rMBP and PC. You just have to choose what suits you with regard to size and resolution. And by the way, only the iMac 27" model has two thunderbolts ports. The 21.5 model does not.

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    Looks like I am leaning toward this monitor, any one have experience with it?

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    Not with that one specifically, but have no problem recommending Dell monitors.
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    Dell monitors are quite nice, but I would look at the Ultrasharp line as opposed the regular line. They are more expensive, but yield better results.

    I would suggest either the 24" or 27" ones instead.

    The 27" monitor nicely matches the 2560x1440 resolution of the 27" iMac and Cinema Display..

    1920x1080 at 24" is fine but I prefer the higher resolution for the larger monitor..
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    funny you say that but I was looking into this one as well. I like the usb 3.0 ports on it. I have tried hubs, however I have issues connecting with them. This Monitor should satisfy all my needs. Anyone one the forum have experience with this one? Thanks for all the help guys!

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