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Thread: Bad charger??

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    May 28, 2013
    Bad charger??
    I have a mac powerbook ibook g4 (HATE IT!)
    but anyway...the other day I plugged it up and about 15 minutes into using it..the screen went all screwy, like pink and white static..and it froze and shut off...wouldn't come back on..then realized the box on the charger was SUPER SUPER hot...

    laptop wouldn't turn on without plugging it back in(had about 15 persenct battery at this point)

    have plugged it back in, its working fine...but charger after less than 10 minutes is super hot again!

    So Im assuming just the charger has gone bad??

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    That's probably a good assumption. Either that or your iBook is at fault, but I would try a new charger first. Just don't use the old one anymore unless you want to set your charger and iBook on fire.

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    The charger would be a good place to start. If that does not work then it is most likely a hardware issue with the machine itself. Due to the age of the iBook, I would not spend the money trying to repair it.

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