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Thread: Buying screws?

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    Buying screws?
    Hopefully just a quick one. The power port on my macbook pro (5,5 - 2010) is loose, and since my laptop is now to old for apple care or reasonably priced insurance, I decided to open it up and have a look. I found that the problem is just that it's missing two little screws, not sure what happened to them, could some one point me in the right direction for buying some of these screws online? Maybe a model number would be good if anyone has it, or even better would be a link.

    I've attached a photo just in case I've described it badly..

    I guess what i need might be included in here: Apple Macbook 13.3" A1181 All model Original Set of Screws 90% Included White | eBay

    A UK retailer would be preferable, but i'll man up and pay the postage if not.

    Thanks in advance
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    Boy, hard to think why those screws are absent? Assume that they were not found inside the computer?

    Of course, you could take the laptop into a reliable local computer repair shop who likely would have the needed screws. Another option is to contact some online sites for help, e.g. Metric Screws, Laptop DC Jack, or iFixit - good luck!

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    The missing screws could not have fallen out in use, as due to their length the bottom case would have prevented that happening. Apple list as P/N 922-9455 6.5mm long and torx6, no detail on thread.

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