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    Connect to Shared external Drives on Win7 Machine
    I can connect to my home network fine. Can "see" the server and even all it's shared drives. I can click on the C: drive and navigate around. However - all of the shared external drives are no longer available. I can see them - but when i click to connect i get this:

    The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “xxxx” can’t be found.

    XXX being the shared name of any of the drives. THe shared drives are where we keep all our videos of son, our ITunes Library, etc... so kind of important that i get to them again. But is strange that i can see them all, navigate on the c drive - but not the external ones.

    FYI - server is Windows 7, i am running 10.8.3

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    Can you access them directly from the windows 7 machine?

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