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Thread: Macbook Pro 13" (late 2011) won't turn on.

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    Macbook Pro 13" (late 2011) won't turn on.
    My track pad was acting up, so I did what I normally do; I shut it down and then used an electronics spray cleaner made by 3M to clean it and the reset of the machine. The battery was at about 35% and the health is at 96%. When I tried turning it on, it did not start up. I pushed the battery level button on the side and the lights did not illuminate. I connected the MagSafe adapter and the light did not illuminate. I removed the back cover and checked the RAM and it was unseated so I thought that was the problem so I removed both cards and seated them properly. Nothing. I checked the grounding plates at the back of the machine. Nothing. I removed the battery, disconnected the connector and then reconnected it. Nothing. No other connectors looked unseated. Any ideas?

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    Electronic spray cleaner contains a large amount of alcohol and can very quickly seep in between parts and seams. Some could have gotten below the track pad on to your logic board and caused a short. Never, ever, use a cleaner spray on your machine. Take the MBP apart and see if you can spot anything. Use the instructions at iFixit: The free repair manual.

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