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Thread: MacBook-Pro turns off

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    MacBook-Pro turns off
    I need some help!!
    About 2 weeks ago my 2009 Macbook Pro suddenly turned of completely by itself. I was just browsing the net or watching a show online (not sure). I also noticed the indicator light on the MagSafe was of. I turned the unit back on and noticed a message that (sort of) said that the time and date had automatically been set before jan 1 2008. It also said that this is not good. I noticed it had been set to jan1 2001. Since the unit apparently was not recharging I checked the power outlet. Plugged it in somewhere else. But still no power. I googled my issue and it came up with a reset of the SMC. I did this and it seemed to fix the issue. Not instantly but about 15 minutes later I had a light again on the MagSafe. Until yesterday it worked fine without trouble but then it happened again. I reset the SMC again and had a light on the MagSafe about 15 minutes later. Today it happened again. I have not reset the SMC again. I still have no power. Who can help me?!?
    I am from canada but live in Spain now. I don't really want to buy a new one here. Spanish keyboard and also quit a bit more expensive. The nearest Apple store is about 2 hours from here.
    Thanks for any help or input!!

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    You probably need a new MagSafe Adapter Charger to test with to see if that's the problem. It could also be battery related or at the worse, the logic board. I would start trouble shooting by replacing the MagSafe first. Probably going to be expensive buying one in Spain, but you really have no other choice. You may be able to return it if it's not the problem.

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