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    Pixels and Freezing
    My two year old MacBook Pro is showing large color pixels on the display and is freezing up. It happened a couple months back but stopped. Now it is doing it again, but much more aggressively. I have had to restart many times this morning to have it only run a couple minutes at a time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is what the screen looks like this morning... totally locked up...

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    Pixelated or graphic anomalies usually point to a failing GPU in your MBP. However, try a NVRAM reset by reading About NVRAM and PRAM to see if it does anything at all.

    If it's 2 years old, did you purchase AppleCare before the 1st year expired to get 2 additional years? If so, I would strongly recommend you take it to the nearest Apple store and show it them to have them fix it for you..
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