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Thread: Can you buy this at a local apple store?

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    Can you buy this at a local apple store?

    I was wondering if you can order a macbook pro at a local apple store instead of from the Apple Store Online. The reason for this is because I'd like a tangible receipt where if anything goes wrong, I can go there to the place I bought it and say "Hey, this isn't working correctly." Whereas with ordering online, you can't do that...


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    For the Apple store in Toronto you can get on the waiting list, they call you, you have 24 hours to go and pay and pick it up.

    You will probably get it faster ordering online... but I understand your reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitch
    ... I can go there to the place I bought it and say "Hey, this isn't working correctly." Whereas with ordering online, you can't do that...

    Actually, you can get excellent service online from Apple. Granted, you can't actually walk to a brick and mortar building, but you can call the support line, and they will troubleshoot with you. If there is a real problem, they will send out a box for you to ship it back and have it repaired. I have had to do so with my iPod and an iBook I had in the past. The turnaround time for each was less than one week, and they came back in perfect working order... even better than they were when I first purchased them.
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    Actually over here (europe) you can take your Apple product to any apple service partner to get fixed or looked at.
    Apple obviously also provides you with a real receipt etc.

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    Yea I have taken my iMac to the apple store even though I bought it online. I just brough my apple care number (which they could look up anyways) and they took care of everything
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    Great guys, thanks for the info I may order it online then!

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