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    ??? shut down problems...
    Howdy -

    I have a problem thought someone here could help - I get a black box shows up on screen maybe twice a day prompting me to shutdown the MacBook - I have a MacBook Pro 17 about a year and a half old. All updates have been done. I added an extra 4 of memory about the same time I bought it. Haven't had any problems since this started to happen about three days ago. Running 10.7.5 diagnostics claims no problems.

    Thought I may have some malware so I installed ClamXV and the program found 7 phishing files which were promptly deleted - but the problem still persists... Any ideas...???


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    The black box that is appearing is the result of a Kernel Panic. Read Mac OS X: How to log a kernel panic to find the logs that correleate to the latest crash and post them here to see if we can figure out what's causing it..
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