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    Question Youtube malware issue
    Hello everyone,

    I apologize if this has been discussed in another thread. I could not find it and would very much like your input.

    It appears that there is a problem with youtube's homepage on some macs currently. I have a mid year 2009 MBP running 10.7.5 and just last night i discovered that every time i would go to the youtube home page website that i would see a Samsung Galaxy ad that looked like it was trying to load. Fairly soon thereafter my MBP would freeze up and could only be set back to working order by re-booting using the power button.

    My hard drive is fine, but there is definitely a problem here.

    Upon doing a Google search it appears that there is a malware issue and i am hoping that Apple is working on a fix for this soon.

    I guess my question is...what should i do in the meantime? Ive tried both Safari and Firefox and both are having the same issue.

    For now i will just stay off youtube but its unfortunate because i like to visit youtube often.

    Please let me know what you think and any advice is most appreciated.

    my best to you and many thanks,


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    There might be a problem with YouTube itself ?? I have ClickToFlash as a Safari Extension and haven't got HTML5 set to run my youtube videos, and the last 2 days, i have had to disable ClickToFlash to play video, and then re enable it when i leave. Not sure if that is a ClicktoFlash problem, YouTube problem or a Adobe Flash problem that needs updating ???

    Thats what i have noticed on youtube in last 2 days anyways, and not sure if it has anything to do with your problem.

    Try Repairing Permissions via Disk Utility and see if that helps any ?? Once done log out then in again.

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