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    Question Would like your opinion re: MacBook Pro timing
    Hello everyone,

    Looks like the MacBook Pro is going to be upgraded soon as ive read some "advisories" indicating that it is not a good time to buy and waiting for a bit would be the best option.

    We want to get our daughter an entry level MacBook Pro for graduation and should buy this week in order to give it to her on time. Would love to hear your opinions on what you think would be best:

    Should we delay the graduation gift in order to get a better price on the non retina MBP once the newest model hits or is it really going to make that much of a difference considering that we are looking for the least expensive MacBook Pro for her?

    Thanks so much for all of your help as always,

    best to you,


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    I'm not sure which 'advisories' you've seen. Apple rarely announce product updates as it cannibalises sales of existing models.

    That aside, as with any purchase, if you NEED it now, buy now. If you don't then wait. Only you can answer whether you're prepared to wait.

    If a newer model is released you may find stores offering discounts on older models, there's also the Apple refurb store to consider.

    If it were me and as it's a gift, I'd buy now. There's little new, technology-wise, that's ready to ship on notebooks, especially at the entry-level end. You may get a small cpu/gpu hike but nothing too significant.
    Maybe consider using the same budget to buy a better specced model from the refurb store?

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