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    How do I type Korean Hangul on my MacBook Pro?
    Hi everyone,

    How do I type Korean Hangul on my MacBook Pro? Do you need to change the whole language of the OS, or is there another way to do it?

    Thank you very much!


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    No need to change the entire language of the OS unless you want to.

    Here's how to do it:

    1. Open System Preferences, select Language & Text (That's what it is called in Mountain Lion, might be called something else on earlier versions of OS X)

    2. You'll see four "sections" in Language & Text. Choose "Input Sources."

    3. Scroll down to Hangul and check the particular version you want. Also click on the checkbox "show Input menu in menu bar"

    You will now see that you have a US (or whatever country you have set as the "native" language of the OS) flag on your menu bar. If you click that, you can now switch between Korean and US language sets. You'll also see another icon in the menu bar that wasn't there before, offering a character viewer and keyboard viewer.

    4. When you've switched to the Hangul input (Korean flag) in the menubar you can use the keyboard viewer to see what characters are mapped to what keys, and what the modifer keys (option/alt, command, shift, control etc) will produce. With practice, you'll just "know" what keys to press to get the characters you need.

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    Very good chas. Your instructions are right on, we use Korean quite often in our business and that's the correct way to do it. I might add that it's way easier to do on a Mac than on a Windows machine even with the MS language pack loaded.

    One more helpful hint for the OP: You might wish to display the Korean on screen keyboard at the same time as it will show you which Korean characters correspond to the keys on an English language keyboard. Or, you can purchase an overlay from various web suppliers.

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    One thing that no one else has mentioned... What keyboard you choose in the system preferences depends on how you want to type Korean: The proper way, where each letter on the keyboard is assigned to a character, or the romaja way, where you type in romaja and Mac OSX auto-converts it to Hangul. For the former, choose "2-Set Korean" from the list. And for the latter, choose "Gongjin Cheong Romaja".

    If you don't understand, it's mentioned more comprehensively in this article.

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