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    Disable Hibernate/Deep Sleep/Power Nap
    I have a mid-2012 13" MBP (non-retina) base model.

    When I close the lid, the computer goes to sleep as expected and the LED at the front fades in and out. After a while though, the LED just shuts off and I guess the system goes into hibernate or deep sleep.

    Is there a way to disable or extend the time it takes for it to go into hibernate/deep sleep/power nap? This has been kind of annoying because if I wake it up from hibernation, it will lag for 2-5 seconds before it will let me enter in my password to log into the system.

    Also, if I unplug the MagSafe adapter while the system is hibernating, the front LED turns solid and I hear the hard drive spin up for a few seconds before it goes back to hibernating. Is there a way to turn this off? Most of the time, I proceed to tossing my MacBook into a bag right after unplugging it and I'm worried that the hard drive will get damaged since it's spinning up right as I'm about to toss it into my bag... annoying!

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    What you can control as far as wake/sleep cycle goes in the Energy Saver section of System Preferences. Anything beyond that (as in what causes it to transition from sleep to deep sleep or hibernate) is usually within the OS itself and not something you can play with..

    Now surely, waiting a couple of seconds for the thing to come up from sleep so you can use it is hardly such an inconvenience. If it was taking 30 seconds, a min or more then that'd be annoying..

    I let my iMac go to sleep after an hour or so of inactivity and if I was to time how long it is from the time I hit the mouse to when I can start using the system, it's easily 5-10 seconds. The system takes a couple of seconds to come up and then another few seconds for the WiFi to re-establish the connection..
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    Macs don't hibernate/deep sleep. That's Windows thinking.

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    the later mac portables have power nap with mountain lion yes. (my new retina does).

    You can disable it in energy saver, think it's one of the 3 options you check on/off.

    There is a bi of a lag before you can log back in after sleep.

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