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    Macbook Pro for Wife
    My wife has been wanting a macbook pro for a while. We have the money to get it now but have heard its better to wait because the new line is getting ready to come out. She mainly wants to use as a photography hobby and likes to have the hard drive in the computer so prefers the nonretinal display.The question is we heard the new line is going to be all retinal display so would it be better to go ahead and not wait?

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    Your guess is as good as anyone else's about when that line will be updated. Although there has been some speculation that an announcement will be made at WWDC in June no one knows for sure.

    My own guess is that any updates to the MacBook Pro line will probably have SSDs rather than hard drives. If having a hard drive is important and the current machines meet your needs go ahead and buy.
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    In addition to what member Slydude stated, if an optical drive is something you need or desire, buy now because it's very likely they'll disappear from future Macs.

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    Why not wait and see? If you don't think the new one is worth it, then buy the last model (probably be cheaper than the newest one anyway).

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