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    Just bought ibook 12inch
    Help. i am really confused right now. I just bought a 12inch ibook over the weekend but I am really confused.

    I dont knwo wheter to spend a little bit more to get the 14inch with bigger hard disk and super drive or wait till the intell ibook comes out.

    I will use my machine for MS office, pictures and songs. I need to learn unix and thought I could too. Also want to start programming Perl/Java.

    I like the 12inch because of the size. Really portaable.

    Is the 1.3GHz processor in my ibook fast enough? Will future software really be available for the G4 (powerpc) or will it just phase out and intel versions be created.

    Please help. I am sooooooo confused



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    1) You could also have ordered the 12" with a larger harddrive, the superdrive can also be added externally (USB DVD-burner).

    2)The intel iBooks will be a while yet, they won't be that much better than your iBook and you'll also be buying a first revision product, which can sometimes be slightly buggy.

    3) All future software will be universal, i.e. compatible with both platforms (PowerPC & intel) for quite some time. Eventually PowerPC support will be dropped altogether, but most likely not within your machines lifetime.

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    If you bought the iBook because of it's size then keep it. I kinda regret going for the 14inch cos its just that little bit too heavy for day to day carrying (alongside my other daily junk). For the extra price you could get an external monitor and maybe even hard drive, that way you have the extra's without losing portability.

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    I got a 12" iBook for christmas and I love it. I wished it had a bigger hard drive but an external drive works just fine (I use my windows hard drives over my home network).
    Depending on what you use it for I would suggest upgrading the memory. 512MB isn't really enough to run much on anymore! Enjoy your new iBook!

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