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    Exclamation Macbook HD Problems
    I installed Mountain Lion on my mid-2009 13-inch Macbook Pro on Wednesday. It installed successfully, and I installed the update as well. Then after a few hours, the computer froze, and I had to manually shut down the computer. When I restarted, it started up extremely slowly, and then would only boot to safe mode.

    My first thought was that there was a problem with the operating system installion or a problem with the update, but when I went to re-install Mac OSX, it tells me that it can't find the product installation information on my computer.

    So next, I went to Disk Utiliy to verify/repair my disk. It tells me that the hard drive needs to be repaired. The problem listed is "Incorrect Numer of Thread Records." I wasn't able to get to my external hard drive at this point, so I had to wait until today to try to back it up with Disk Utility.

    Now when I start the computer up (after I finally got an external hard drive to back up my computer), it starts up quickly to safe mode. Macintosh HD does not show up in the source pane in Disk Utility. Could my Macintosh HD be lost - ie, could it be damaged so badly that it's not showing up in Disk Utility? Are there any other solutions?

    To make matters worse, I am currently based in Myanmar, which does not have any Apple stores or authorized repair shops, and I cannot receive mail or packages (so maybe no Disk Warrior?)

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    It sure sounds like your hard drive died. Is it possible where you are to obtain a new hard drive? Replacing the hard drive yourself in the MBP is an easy task and if you have a recent backup you can restore your data. The ifixit web site has instructions on how to replace the drive in case you don't know how.

    iFixit: The free repair manual

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