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    Question rMBP 13 Case Suggestions
    I just bought a new rMBP 13" and am looking for suggestions regarding cases. I've read that the Speck case quality isn't that great and can break easily. Suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank You!

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    Im not quite sure where you read that about Spec Cases, but as with everything on the internet you will find more people complain about a product than those that praise a product, and if you have read this 2-3 times, remember that is 2-3 times out of 100's, maybe 1 000's/10 000's of Spec Cases that are sold.
    I recommend the Spec Case. I have had one for my 13"MBP and have NEVER had a problem with it.
    But regarding what you want, do you want a Hard case, Soft case, a Portfolio type case ?? What ??
    If you are looking for a all day everyday case that you can take anywhere i highly recommend the TwelveSouth BookBook for rMBP.
    I have one of these on my iPhone5, (had one on my 4s), have another on my girls iPad3Gen, and one for her MBA. For the price, i wouldn't have hesitate in paying that much originally for my iP4s if i had of known the build quality.
    TwelveSouth only make accessories for Apple Products and there quality is only 2nd the products that  do make. Its beautiful to look at, it is well made, Protects from drops and in general it just a well made case . . . Images.
    There are a plethora of cases out there, but over the years i do like and will keep using TwelveSouth products. Not Just the case as i have the PlugBug, the BookArc Pro, and I'm in the process of purchasing the Surface Pad for my MBP . . .

    In no way have i any affiliation to the company, I'm just a very happy customer


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    Thanks for the suggestion. I am looking for something to protect the rMBP so I was thinking of a hard case. Hopefully something that isn't slippery, or hides the nice looks of the Mac. I'll take a look at the Speck cases at the Apple Store this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seag33k View Post
    I am looking for something to protect the rMBP so I was thinking of a hard case. Hopefully something that isn't slippery, or hides the nice looks of the Mac.
    The one downside of hard shell cases...and even skins...they will hide the "nice looks" of laptops. But of course they do a great job of protecting them from dents & scratches (hard case)...and scratches (skins).

    I have a 2011 17" MacBook Pro with a black Speck case. Great protection...but you can't actually see the Mac. On a previous 17" MacBook Pro...I had a clear (no color) Speck case. Even with a clear Speck case...the laptop was still sort of "hidden"...and the clear case REALLY showed dirt, sweat, and scratches on the hard case.

    But I wouldn't trade anything I mentioned above...for less protection. I bought the hard case for one main reason...protect the laptop!

    Some stuff to think about.

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