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    Hey new to all of this so could someone help me with some easy steps?
    Recently my MacBook Pro has slow down to the max hardly even works, so I put the laptop max OS X disk in went into disk utilities, and erased my Macintosh file and now when I try to start it up it comes up with a folder with question mark and won't work, I tried to re instal Mac OS X but it keeps failing.

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    Based upon your symptoms and if you've erased your hard drive and reinstalling from the correct DVD fails it's more likely the hard drive is defective. Hope you have a viable backup. Replacing hard drives is economical and very straight forward. If you bought Applecare and it's still valid, then make contact with an AASP or Apple Store.

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    Open up Disk Utility and run the 'Repair Disk' until it comes back without doing any repairs (then try to install the OS) or tells you the disk is not repairable.

    I'm with steve on this one though. I don't trust a drive once it begins exhibiting problems and just replace them. Drives are inexpensive nowadays.
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