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    Screen problems - MBP 2009
    So I have the 2009 MBP, which apparently has a higher problem with vulnerabilities to the screen-- noted mostly when put into backpacks without a case (which is what I did), the pressure on the screen causes the LCD to break. It's not "broken" or cracked or anything, but there's a vertical bar, maybe two inches thick in the middle of the screen that doesn't display properly.
    It's always different, sometimes it's all black, sometimes all white, usually random stripes, sometimes just discoloration.
    And sometimes nothing at all. Sometimes it works just fine. And here's the thing-- it seems to change when I move the screen, e.g. open or close it. If I close it a little, the pixelation will change and sometimes just go away.
    So before I take it into the store to get repaired, does anyone have an idea of what might be going on and what it might cost? If it's just a loose cable somewhere, that shouldn't be too bad-- if I need to replace the whole screen, I might just have to live with it because that's pretty expensive. I've tried googling this problem and could only find one instance from a few years ago, but his problem seemed slightly different in that the problem was static-- no matter what happened, the same bad pixelation.

    Any thoughts? If no one's familiar or has any idea what I'm talking about, I can try uploading some pics.

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    Are you talking about dead pixels ?

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    nope, they're not dead

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