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    sleep/wake problem recently (macbook pro mid 2012)
    Been noticing this problem since the last month or so...basically i have my macbook as my primary computer atm - I leave it on the desk in my living room and I keep it open and have the default settings where the screen turns off after 10 mins.

    When I come back to wake it up, I push on the keypad (i use a wireless logitech mouse, but i click the touchpad because when I move the mouse i have to take the receiver out and put it back in for the mouse to work) and the computer wakes up fine, but within 3 seconds of use it turns black and goes to sleep again....then few seconds later after i move some keys it wakes up again....??

    whats going?

    im thinking 1- its because i leave the lid open and macs aren't used to waking up so fast?

    2. my mouse might be causing problems (the middle click buttons is also giving problems, like i have to push hard for the middle mouse to click)


    3. steve jobs has chosen me to be the next apple CEO


    and yeah its updated to latest versions

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    You shouldn't have to pull out the receiver for the mouse and re-seat it. I'd say the problem is most likely related to your mouse.
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