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theeconomist 04-03-2013 09:13 AM

2008 MacBook problems after Snow Leopard install
Hi all,

I have a mid-2008 MacBook which originally came with leopard. I recently upgraded to snow leopard to be able to run some software I needed for research. My macbook began having behavioral problems. It would sometimes randomly shut itself off. Then, it would occasionally come up with a rectangular window during normal operation saying my computer needed to shut down. Other times, it would just freeze to the point where even the caps lock button wouldn't light up.

As this was happening, the boot up became increasingly slow. The Mac chime would never sound when cutting the computer on, even though the operating volume had been turned all the way up before shutdown. It would boot and sit on the blue screen for roughly ten minutes (with no mouse pointer) before the login screen would appear. Once I logged in, the computer still behaved somewhat spastically.

I reset the PRAM and now the computer *appears* to be all better. It boots faster than ever, and appears to have overcome its behavioral problems (after running it for an hour or so). Why would this be the case? What about the PRAM was the problem? Do you guys think this was the only problem, or just part of the issue and that I'll be facing other problems in the future?


mrplow 04-03-2013 09:18 AM

Welcome to the forum.

If you have a read here, it tells you what gets reset. You'll notice several of the items relate to the issues you describe.

It'll likely be the OS changes that have precipitated the issues, but you can run Repair Permissions from Disk Utility as another general maintenance function to grease the wheels.

There are also free tools like Onyx that can help keep your Mac in tip top shape.

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