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Thread: Water damage?

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    Angry Water damage?

    I got a macbook pro from around 2010 - 2011
    I got some issues whit my keyboard and mouse. I spilled some water over it, but it wasn't much and I dried it straight away. But then I tried entering my password and it didn't work. So I hooked a usb keyboard on that did work. But still got a lot of issues.

    Symptom list:
    - Keyboard doesn't work or the letters are switched or something (hearing the 'error' sound but not seeing a letter apear) this is after logging in (tried it on some word files and webbrowsers same problem everywere). Some of the 'f' keys do work like brighness and keyboard light.

    - My 'left mouse' turned into a right mouse, when I hooked a usb mouse on, I got the same problem. (and the right mouse is still the right mouse).

    - My capslocklight keeps buring when the power is hooked on, even when the cpu is off.

    - Capslock light is on when the capslock doesn't work, and is off when it does.

    I restarted the cpu a couple of times but no change there...
    Later I dried it with a fohn and I got some improvements after that (some letter started to work again and then they didn't and the they did etc.)

    Is there any way I can fix this, wihtout going to the store and get some expensive repair, cause I got the feeling that is not necessary since it was only a little water (just water no coke or anything).

    I spilled it on the Tab, Caps, q, a, maybe also the a, s, and 1, but not more than that.

    Please help!

    Yours sincerely,


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    All those details you gave are great...but the bottom line is...spilling liquid on an electrical/electronic device is NOT GOOD...and can lead to very strange behavior...that is not very easy to troubleshoot.

    Believe it or not...there are actually very few parts inside of a laptop computer...and 90% or more of the time...the part that is damaged is the logic board. Not cheap to fix (usually $500-$600)...especially on a newer model.

    In many cases it's not worth the cost to do the repair.

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