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    MBPr fan goes crazy when I wake it up from sleep
    I have a MBP retina almost a month old.

    I have not used it too much and have not downloaded much of anything (couple of ad blockers) and have been keeping my web browsing safe and clean.

    When not in use, I close the lid and put it to sleep. about 3 days ago, everytime I wake it up (open it) the fan starts after about 5 seconds and runs hard. like as fast as it can possibly go for about 2-3 minutes before shutting off. never runs hard or anything except during this time.

    Im assuming that maybe the laptop is trying to cool itself from the startup ?

    I just found this to be a little odd because its never done this before, and waking it up shouldn't be taxing at all.

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    That is not normal... next time, when you open/wake it, open activity monitor to find out what is running at the top of the CPU Usage list. That will help solve your problem immensely.

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