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    I seem to have a problem with my g/f Ibook G4. She purchased it online through the student discount about 6 months ago and for the last 3 months her mac keeps kernel panicing on the airport card. We took it to the apple store and they said yeah the problem is with the airport card but you will need to ship it off to have it fixed. One huge problem is that she uses it for work. So 2 days without it would be terriable since all the work information is on the mac. Of course I have backup but without a mac she is useless. I contacted apple because since we have only had it for 6 months we would just like a new one. There is already an open case about it . But they said its against policy to just give a new one. We then talked to a manager and he said I have worked here for 6 years and we dont just give a new ibook but you can "rent" one. I asked why would I need to rent one. All I want you to do is send me a new one allow me to transfer my data and I will ship the defective one back. They still refuse. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    PS. When it started to happen I did a full re-install but it still didn't work.


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    Well, I hate to tell you, but I think you're being a little bit unreasonable. Your girlfriend did agree to Apple's one-year parts and labor warranty; she may not remember signing that bit on her purchase contract, but she did, and that contract is pretty clear about replacement only within the first few weeks. Apple is fulfilling their end of the bargain by agreeing to repair the laptop for free. The PC laptop makers would probably tell you the exact same thing, if it were a Dell or a Compaq or whatever.

    Laptop repair is very inconvenient, but at least they're willing to help you. If she really and truly cannot live without it for a few days, rent an iBook. Or, if you've got some cash to invest and you want to take a slightly bigger risk, buy her a Mac Mini or iBook on Ebay to tide her over while her original machine is in the shop, then sell one machine or the other on Ebay after the original machine comes back.

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