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Thread: New battery for 15" MacBook Pro?

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    New battery for 15" MacBook Pro?
    I just bought a new battery for my MacBook Pro, it's one from around 2008 with black keys and takes the long battery, Anyway I got one from the Apple store for $129 but just saw a bunch of new ones on ebay for around $40. Are they the same? They say Apple. What's the best battery for that computer? I ask because I'm traveling a lot this summer and want a few batteries for long plane flights. If I could grab 2 more for under a 100 bucks that be sweet.


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    Generally speaking when it comes to get what you pay for. Does the e-Bay battery actually say "Apple" on it...or does the e-Bay auction just says..."Apple/MacBook" compatible?

    $40 for a replacement battery that actually says "Apple" on it (if it's a brand new battery)...doesn't make sense if Apple sells the exact same thing for $129.

    Here's a place that sells replacement batteries for Apple laptop's...that seem to be a quality replacement:

    FastMac | Product - Laptop Battery Upgrades

    Many of the replacement battery's cost around $ you don't save a lot vs. an Apple battery. But "Fast Mac" claims that at least some of the battery's they sell have additional capacity.

    Since you just got a brand new replacement Apple battery...maybe you could get a replacement battery from Fast Mac...and do a comparision test for us!


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