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    Battery Life
    My iBook G4 is one year old and I cant understand why the battery is not holding the charge as good as it use to.

    The most I seem to be able to get from the battery is 2hours and 20minutes.

    Has anyone got any suggestions on how I might be able to improve this?

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    Batteries just loose their ability to hold a good charge after a while. It happens to every battery.

    A good rule of thumb is to condition your battery every month. That is to discharge it, then charge it once.

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    It's totally normal--happens with PC batteries too. The advice above is good--at least once a month, use your iBook on battery power until it it uses up ALL of its juice (including the reserve power). I speed that process up by opening every application I've got, turning the screen on to full bright, turning on Airport, and then running the iTunes Visualizer on Full Screen.

    And the next time you buy a battery, don't get it from Apple. I have a NewerTech after-market battery that claimed to be 13% more power than the original OEM battery for my Powerbook G4, and it is way the heck better than 13% more power. I can run my Powerbook for five hours on this thing if I use the right settings.

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    I had the EXACT problem.

    I was lucky in the sense that my battery started to play up a little before the 1st year from my buying date expired (Dec 7th).

    BUT, I only had time to call apple on january 19th to let them know about it (personal stuff kept me busy).

    The local mac store got me to get a SN code from Apple since APPLECARE does not cover consumable parts, i.e, screen and battery. They will only replace it if it starts playing up within 1 year of your purchase date!!!!

    Luckily, Apple understood my situation and allowed a replacement. I now have the NEW IBOOK battery which last for 6hrs!!! Aint that awesome.

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