Hi there

I am trying to keep alive an old macbook pro. It is from the first ever line of MBPs - MBP 1,1. 15 inch.

The issue I have is with one of the keys on the keyboard. Sometimes I have a problem that some of my keys dont fully function - I might have to press the key several times before it works, while other times it will work fine. This will only ever affect a couple of keys at any one time. Previously to fix this I have had to remove the key and clean under it before replacing it and that was enough.

Currently though my 'o' key is giving me this problem. I have cleaned under it and replaced it but it makes no difference. To make the o work I have to push very hard on the key, in a way that makes typing quite difficult. I tried sticking a small piece of rubber to the underside of the key to try to add pressure on keypresses but it made no difference.

I have not tried to remove the clear rubber blob under the key as I am not sure how and what this would achieve.

Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this?

thanks loads