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Thread: Warped screen case?

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    Warped screen case?
    I've noticed since owning my PB for six months, my LCD screen case is warped. When I close the lid, the entire case doesn't sit flat, the right hand side is much lower than the one on the left. It seems that the clip that holds the case down is having more strain than the left than the right.

    Not that it's a serious cause for concern, but are they meant to be like that? Can you not put it back straight? Or should I stop being pedantic and get on with life?!


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    its not really that big of a deal mine is slightly warped but I dont' think it will turn into anything more then that in the future.. its just one of those things you will have to ignore/get use to I guess... you could maybe tell apple but I don't think something like that would be covered by warrentee but if it bothers you, you could get it fixed.
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