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Thread: Powerbook... I think it might be dead...

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    Powerbook... I think it might be dead...
    Ok so when I got home from work last night my power book would not start up. I took the batt off and unplugged it. Put it back together and nothing. I held option + command down and it made a beep sound once and thats all. I tryd to zap the p ram but could not get it to boot. I am going to see what the apple store says.. What do you guys think? Think its dead? Any ideas?


    RIP- Powerbook g4 500mhz

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    Well, it's not looking good based on what you're describing, but hopefully you'll get lucky and it'll just be a bum AC adapter.

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    Contact Apple. They never screw you.

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    Try resetting your power management unit (PMU) by holding down “Shift-Control-Option-Power “

    I had a similar problem with my iBook that was cleared by that.

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    Well I would try that last one but i droped it off at apple... so they charged me 50 bucks to figure out whats wrong with it. Thanks for the info Aptmunich i will try that next time.

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