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    using your powerbook internationally - power supply issues
    I'll be undergoing a round the world trip soon through the UK, Europe, South Africa, South East Asia, Fiji, Oz, Nz and maybe South America.
    What is the compatability with the mac's power supply in these countries?
    Do I simply need a plug adapter and the factory supplied power connection adjusts for their power outage?
    It's always the most heart stopping job when first plugging in your laptop in a new country (which will happen often on this trip)
    Plus I'll be charging my ipod through my powerbook also, hope no problems here.

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    Yeah I had no problems when I was travelling the world. I just needed the plug adapters and all was good.

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    Same here, while in Dubai used the correct adapter and all was well. I also charged my iPod through my PB and no problems. You too should have no problems.

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    You might want to look into getting Kensington's universal charger system if you have a lot of devices to charge or want to be able to charge on the plane/car etc.

    It can charge most devices with special adapters for apple notebooks, ipods, cell phones, cameras etc.

    Fairly pricey, but maybe worth it if you want to cut down on equipment...

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