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    Connection - PC and iBook
    Hello everybody, I have difficult task for to connect (by RJ45 lan cabel) PC and my iBook(G4 with Mac OS X). I tried everithing and nothing work. I set up shearing and automatic IP on both machines.But still doesnt work Some help for me?

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    I am kinda wondering the same thing. I have not yet tried it though. I will do it tonight and see if I can. What are you using it for? Basically I want my music of my pc, but dont want to have to buy a usb hard-drive to transfer it all. In the future I want to though, 4gb of music on the Ibook will be a bit too much for it.

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    Sorry don't really know. I have my iBook on my Home network (LAN) and can share files without any problems.

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    Are you using an ethernet cable straight from the PC to the iBook? Is it a crossover cable?

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    well ive got 2 pcs and 2 macs sharing files and internet. Just using a router off my modem.

    You can share files using the shared folder. It is quite easy.
    if it is just 2 computers you can use a router or a crossover cable as mynameis suggested.

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