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    Unhappy iBook 500 start-up problems.
    After two years of flawless performance my iBook 500 began restarting to a black screen last month.
    Not gray but black. At the beginning this machine didn't start for nearly 3 weeks. Even the CD wouldn't get it going.
    Through trial and error I've discovered leaving it outside in the cold will get it going again.
    My temporary solution is now leaving it asleep all the time.

    Suspicious coincidences:
    Restarts on aircraft
    Restarts in cold environments
    I upgraded to Jaguar in March
    This iBook has an ancient Airport card

    Possible diagnosis:
    Could Jaguar and the Airport card not be getting along? If so why the drama 3 months after the install?
    If it's overheating? Can I install a better fan?
    Is the iBook like my cell phone? Just throw it away after two years and buy a new one?

    Has anyone heard of this issue?

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    My questions is, if you think it is a heat problem. Does the fan work? Does the system work for a period of time then cut off? I have not experienced that problem.

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    try running the hardware test cd which came along with the ibook...

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    Lightbulb similar problem
    I am an IT person and am helping someone with a similar problem. His I-Book won't start. The reset doesn't work, nothing makes it start. Sorry I can't help, but maybe you can elaborate on how you got your's to start

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